In this webcast for security professionals in security operations centers, Chris Kirsch gives practical advice on how to leverage Metasploit to conduct regular security reviews that address current attack vectors. While Metasploit is often used for penetration testing projects, this presentation focuses on leveraging Metasploit for ongoing security assessments that can be achieved with a small security team to reduce the risk of a data breach.

Participants will learn about:

  • Recent attack trends and how they matter to your business
  • Automating penetration tests to prevent untargeted, automated attacks
  • Quick & easy ways to verify vulnerabilities reported by your vulnerability assessment program so you can focus your limited resources where they have the most impact
  • Conducting regular password audits that require minimal effort to set up and maintain
  • Running social engineering campaigns to measure security awareness in an enterprise

Decrease Your Risk of a Data Breach - Security Programs with Metasploit

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