Investigating CAN Bus Network Integrity in Avionics Systems

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Modern aircraft systems are becoming increasingly reliant on networked communications systems to display information to the pilot as well as control various critical systems aboard aircraft, ranging from engine sensors to autopilot systems.

After performing a thorough investigation on two commercially available avionics systems, Rapid7 demonstrated that it was possible for a malicious actor to send false data to these systems, given some level of physical access to a small aircraft’s wiring. Such an attacker could attach a device—or co-opt an existing attached device—to an avionics CAN bus in order to inject false measurements and communicate them to the pilot.

Join members of the Rapid7 research team to learn more about the findings and the safety implications for modern aircrafts. Some of the topics our team will cover include:

  • An overview of CAN Bus and its usage in modern small aircraft
  • Summary of key findings from our team’s analysis of two vendor’s aviation equipment
  • Known mitigations and compensating controls
  • Conclusions and recommendations for securing aircraft

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Rapid7 Experts

Tod Beardsley

Research Director

Patrick Kiley

Senior Security Consultant