451 Research: Rapid7 InsightIDR connects the dots from breach to containment

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In this 451 Research Report you’ll learn how Rapid7 InsightIDR bridges the chasm between preventive products and incident response processes. According to 451, InsightIDR is “blazing new trails for corporate security, to a world where detection of abnormal activity initiates security inspections and reaction…At the end of the day, security investigations end up analyzing user activity in the moments be­fore and after an infection. Rapid7 InsightIDR is already there with the answers.”

The report covers the following:

Context: Rapid7 company performance and revenue forecast.

Products: Overview of key product news, acquisition history, value proposition, and the InsightIDR vision.

Competition: InsightIDR advantages, key differentiators, and the behavior analytics competitive landscape.

SWOT Analysis: Wrap-up of product evaluation.