Three Steps to Combat Mobile Malware

As mobile devices become more common, cybercriminals see them as having huge profit potential, and aim to gain access to the user’s confidential personal and financial information. Mobile applications are the primary way users access information via mobile devices, and as a result the majority of mobile malware is embedded in applications that once downloaded on the device can gain access to valuable information. But, creating policies and understanding the risk of mobile malware can often be easier said than done. Join Saj Sahay, Senior Product Marketing Director at Rapid7 for an interactive 30-minute webcast where he discusses the mobile malware landscape and how organizations can limit their risk.

Participants of this webcast will learn:

  • Key types of mobile malware
  • Trending and growth of mobile malware
  • A simple, three step approach to limit the risk to your organization


Saj Sahay, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Mobilisafe

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