Easy Website Keylogging with Metasploit

Logging keystrokes has been in the malware arsenal for ages. While many keyloggers exist that capture all keystrokes on a system, it has been cumbersome to log keys on websites without using server-side components. In this webinar for  security and IT professionals, security researcher Marcus Carey showcases a new Metasploit module that can log keys using only JavaScript client-side code on the website you’re monitoring, which is easy to apply to compromised webservers or phishing sites. This makes it an easy module for IT professionals to measure the security awareness and assess digital defenses of the networks they manage.


Marcus Carey, Security Researcher, Rapid7

Marcus has over 17 years experience in information assurance experience working in the DoD as well as Federal and State Government organizations. Marcus has been a avid user of the Metasploit Framework for over five years. One of his focuses at Rapid7 is to show people that Metasploit is not just for penetration testers.

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