Increase Your SPF - Validate Risks in Your Security Assessment Programs

What's your security protection factor (SPF)? In this webcast for IT and security professionals, Rapid7's CSO and Chief Architect of Metasploit, HD Moore, shows how you can reduce your remediation workload by testing which vulnerabilities really matter. Using the Nexpose vulnerability management solution with Metasploit Pro, HD shows how to verify the exploitability of reported vulnerabilities and feed the results back into Nexpose to provide a closed-loop Security Risk Intelligence program. 

In the webcast, participants will learn about: 
•    Importing vulnerability reports from Nexpose and third-party vulnerability scanners
•    Correlating vulnerabilities with exploits
•    Verifying exploitability of vulnerabilities
•    Removing non-exploitable vulnerabilities from future reports
•    Escalating verified vulnerabilities for remediation
•    Obtaining straight-forward remediation advice for each vulnerability


On-Demand Webinar

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