In this webcast, Bernd Leger, VP of Marketing, Products & Solutions at Rapid7 and Ryan Poppa, Product Manager at Rapid7, discuss the risk associated with IPv6, even if you are not running an IPv6 environment. With challenges in identifying devices that are IPv6 enabled in your IPv4 environment, IPv6 represents a significant attack vector that hackers can use to tunnel in through IPv4 devices and then exploit IPv6 vulnerabilities currently not identified.

By watching this webcast you will learn:

  • The current state of affairs of IPv6 and what makes its security aspects unique to protecting your corporate assets
  • How to minimize IPv6 threats by discovering, scanning and identifying vulnerabilities in your networks
  • How to identify IPv6 assets in your networks, even if you are running IPv4 environments
  • How to integrate IPv6 security into your broader security program

Don't Get Burned - Assessing Your IPv6 Risk

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